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Cheerleading Clipart!

     The clipart on the following pages are free for you to use. It has been collected from various sources, and many were made by me. All I ask is that you give my page a link on yours, and that you received the clipart from me.  This is so I have credit in providing the clipart, and others can find it too.  Here is the information you need to know.  

Site Name: Cheer Place

    There are over 100 pieces of cheerleading clipart on these pages. To make it easier for you to find what you want, I have separated them into categories. Below I have listed the categories and what can be found there!  If you see a clipart you like, but not in your school or webpage colors, please e-mail me. I will TRY to make the clipart to your desired color.   Enjoy!

Backgrounds:Here you will find some great backgrounds for your site. The images are "faded", so it will not take away from the rest of your site!

Banners: These are cheerleading slogans. The images are considered banners, because they look like a poster.

Buttons and Lines:There are TONS of buttons and lines on this page. Many different colors and styles will be found here. Use these clipart pieces to spice up your page!

Cheerleaders: All of these images contain cheerleaders in them. 

Megaphones and Poms: There are many megaphone and pom clipart pieces on this page. Several colors and styles will be found.

Cheerleading Words: Clipart that contains cheer related words will be found here. 

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