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Cheer Words Clipart!

*To save the image right click the image and then click save as. If you are using a Macintosh, hold down your button, and then click save as. Be sure to remember where you save the images!     





Backgrounds: Here you will find some great backgrounds for your site. The images are "faded", so it will not take away from the rest of your site!

Banners: These are cheerleading slogans. The images are considered banners, because they look like a poster.

Buttons and Lines:There are TONS of buttons and lines on this page. Many different colors and styles will be found here. Use these clipart pieces to spice up your page!

Cheerleaders: All of these images contain cheerleaders in them. 

Megaphones and Poms: There are many megaphone and pom clipart pieces on this page. Several colors and styles will be found.

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