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Ten Person Formations

ten.jpg (2726 bytes)Here is a 3,4,3 formation. This is a basic cheerleading formation. Get creative though! Try having the front row kneeling, the second row lunging back, and the third row standing up. Also try having the middle four people down on their knees. Both of these will add flare to the common formation!


ten1.jpg (2207 bytes)This formation is also common with ten person teams. However with a little bit of creativity, the formation can look great. Try having the formation move into building stunts. Do it quick and clean. Also try having the two front people kneel. Or even the two front people, with the middle back person!!


ten3.jpg (2382 bytes)Here is a little more creative formation! It can can be easily used as a transition from the formation before this. Simply have the middle four people from the front and back rows formation before this, move inward to make the center of this formation. The rest of the people can remain where they are standing! Try adding levels to this stunt by having the middle layer kneel, or lunge.


ten4.jpg (2883 bytes)This formation is tilted to a diagonal. This is perfect for tumbling. Back Handsprings look great at an angle! Also reverse the angle of one side, and you have a great formation for a crowd cheer!


ten5.jpg (2396 bytes)Here is another formation GREAT for moving into stunts with. Say the first part of the cheer, then build some stunts!! Try this, do back handsprings with the formation above. Transition into this formation easily by having the center of the front row remain where they are! Have the person to the left of the middle stay where they are also. Then have the person on the front row at the top, move in front of the center person. Next have the person in back row at the bottom move behind the center person. Last but not least have the front row to the bottom, move to the right of the middle person. Sounds like a lot...but it is a simple transition!!


ten6.jpg (2624 bytes)Here is another VERY common formation. The simple two line formation. Make this very interesting by having the front row kneel. Or even having the middle four people kneel or lunge!


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