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Do you have a great cheerleading site? If so, apply for my Great Cheerleading Site Award! Winners of the award will have their link placed on this page, as well as my Links Page.   All you have to do is E-mail,! Include in the mail;

1) Your Site Address!

2) Why you would like to win the award!

It is that simple! Apply today!

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Award Winners!

Neodesha Cheerleaders-This site is GREAT! It provides information about the Neodesha high school cheerleaders. It also includes tons of great pics of the squad!! The coach has also added tons of poster slogans, and inspirational quotes on this page!! The graphics, and layout is wonderful! It is a top notch page in all aspects!!!!!

Chelsea's "Spearit" Page-This site is set up for those people who are looking to build their own cheerleading web page. It includes cheerleading sounds, and graphics that are available to download. This site is also dedicated to Florida cheerleading.

The Spirit Source-The spirit source is an EXCELLENT source of cheerleading information! It has some fun things to do with cheerleaders. The maker of the page also coaches a youth squad!! It is definitely a site to see! The graphics and layout was put together very nicely.

Cheer Academy Cougars-The cheer academy cougars is an all star squad. This site gives tons of information about the squads. There are also many great pics of the squads in action! This site is well put together!!!

MJB Spirit Squads-The maker of this site coaches a youth squad. On the page you will learn about the various squads in the organization. There are TONS of great pics of the teams in action!

The Cheerleading Alliance Web Site-The cheerleading alliance is a group of cheerleading newsletters, and magazine that promise not to copy from each other. A great site to visit, if you are thinking about signing up for some E-mail newsletters!

Oak Harbor Wildcats!-This is a MUST SEE site! It has tons of information about the Oak Harbor Wildcat Cheerleaders! It has pictures of the squad stunting, cheering, and having fun! This site also gives a huge list of chants, spirit ideas, a workout plan, and links! To top this page off, it has a GREAT easy to follow layout, so you will be sure not to miss a thing!!!! Visit the Oak Harbor Wildcats!!!!

Melissa's Cheer Corner-This is a very cute sight, with a great layout. The page is kept  well maintained. The layout make this site very easy to browse through without missing a thing! 

Kristen's One and Only cheer page!-This page is very well done.  Kristen has put a lot of hard work into this page, creating a very original looking site.  Her page takes you through a wide range of cheerleading topics!

New England Pacer All-Stars- This site is great! You can find out information on the New England pacers, as well as see some great photos of the team in action.  This site also offers some neat graphics for your web page!

Awards This Page Has Won!

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