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Great Stunts is what many cheerleading squads strive for. Stunts add flair to a cheerleading routine.  Stunts can be used to help lead the crowd with a cheer. They can also be used during music segments to build excitement or difficulty in a competition routine.    

bbheelpyramid.jpg (25821 bytes)  The Oak Harbor Cheerleaders perform a   heelstretch  pyramid while leading the crowd with a cheer.

Stunting can be one of the most fun parts in all of  cheerleading. What everyone must remember though, is it  can be the most dangerous. If not taking the proper care  while stunting, someone may get seriously hurt. Here are some rules to follow when stunting.

1) Always have SPOTTERS! It does not matter how easy the stunt may seem! Accidents can happen.

 2) Always have proper supervision. Never stunt without a coach, or adult around. Make sure THEY know what you are doing before you do it.

 3) Always wear the proper clothing when stunting. This means no oversized T shirts, Huge jackets with hoods, etc. Try to wear tighter fitting clothing, so no one will get snagged by it.

 4) Wear hair tied up, cut those nails, and do NOT wear any form of jewelry. All of these things can cause accidents, that do not need to happen!

 5) Make sure everyone knows what they are doing BEFORE you attempt a stunt. Nothing is worse than a girl calling in mid stunt... WHAT ARE WE DOING???

kristenslib.jpg (10182 bytes)The Neodesha Cheerleaders show great stunting technique in  this  ground-up liberty.

     Now that the basics of safety have been covered it is time to stunt! There are three basic positions in stunts. Flyer(top person), base (bottom person), and spotters. Each  play an important role in the stunt.  Not one person has the best job! Each cheerleader is usually best for one role! Yet, everyone should try each role every  now and again.

The Base!      heel_stretch_line.jpg (5430 bytes)                                                                                            


     The base is the bottom of the stunts. This job is extremely important. The flyer needs to trust the bases she will be flying on. Without this trust, stunts will not be up to there full capability. It is important that all bases understand the need for this trust. Here are some basic rules that bases should follow. 

1) Lift up with your legs and arms! Do not use your back. This will put a lot of strain on it. When you get older, back pain will be a chronic problem! Make sure you have a nice line...your knees slightly bent, arms tucked close to you, and back STRAIGHT! Do not lean to the flyer..this will cause you to use your back.

 2) When Double Base stunting stay close together. Although the flyers job is to suck in her legs, the bases need to help. When the flyer goes up and sucks in, the bases goal should be not to move. This means starting about shoulder width apart of the flyer. Way to many times I see bases standing too far apart, causing the whole stunt to move! VERY SLOPPY!

 3) Always be prepared to catch the flyer! Yes there are spotters who are supposed to do this also. However, three people catching is MUCH better than just one catching. Even when a stunt ALWAYS seems to hit, be prepared. It only takes ONE time for a serious accident to occur!

ScorpianFootball.gif (16924 bytes)The Oak Harbor Cheerleaders' bases are
doing a nice job basing
a scorpion during
a football game.

The Flyer!  
   spider_stunt_line.jpg (15984 bytes)




      Ok so you are the flyer! You are on top of the pyramid or stunt. Sounds like a lot of fun right? yes it can be, but it can also be scary and intimidating. You need to remember a lot and have confidence within yourself.  Here are some things flyers should remember. 

1) ALWAYS STAY TIGHT! This is the first rule in flying. When going up or coming down STAY TIGHT! If you are scared, instead of getting flimsy and loose think SCARED STIFF! The more scared you are the tighter you squeeze. This will make you a lot safer up there, even if you do fall. The bases have a solid body to catch, not one all over the place.

 2) USE YOUR ARMS! Many flyers tend to drop themselves into their bases arms. They expect the base to do all the work. The best flyers are able to hold all of their weight. Try doing push-ups, and lifting light weights to improve your arms strength. To test if you can hold your own weight, get a pair of bases. Have them stand shoulder width apart of you. Jump up as you are going to go up into an extension, except STOP when your feet are over their hands. If you fall right through you need arm strength. If you can hold it for 10-15 seconds you are set to go!

 3) SUCK IT UP AND IN! When you fly, you not only have to stay tight but suck your body in and up. This means when you are going up in a stunt, raise yourself up through your shoulders helping your bases. Also suck your legs together, if you do not do this you will push your bases out, making it harder for them to hold you. It will also make you less sturdy.

4) Once you are up in the stunt SHOW SPIRIT! You need to do your best to get that crowd involved. Eye contact and smiling will help lure them in. Also, remember to keep your motions sharp, as if they are being done on the ground.

heel.jpg (17539 bytes)The Neodesha Cheerleaders' flyers are doing a great job stunting in this
heelstretch pyramid.


The Spotter!      scorpion_line.jpg (4446 bytes)




The spotters have a huge part in the stunt. The spotters need to help brace the bases, catch the flyer if falling, and help sturdy the stunt in any way possible. The spotter needs to know how to help save things. Be aware of what EVERYONE is doing at all times. Being a spotter is a difficult position, there is no time to think, action must be done FAST! Here are some tips if you are the spotter!

1) DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CATCH! You have to remember that the top needs to trust you. You need to catch her EVERY TIME! You can not be afraid of yourself being hurt over her. Here is a simple rule you might want to follow...if you are spotting you will always hit the ground before the flyer!

 2) Always look up, during transition stunts this becomes a little more difficult. There are times when checking a grip is important. As a basic rule though, do not take your eyes off of the flyer.

 3) Catch the head and neck first! Scooping under the arms is usually a great way to do this. Remember a broken leg is better then a broken neck. Do your job to the best of your ability. If you are not spotting properly...goofing around..etc and the girl falls. Then it can be said that you did not do your job.    

Knights.gif (55511 bytes)The Mt. Prospect
Competition cheerleaders'

spotters are doing a great
job in this extensions
stunt pyramid








spiderstunt.jpg (35012 bytes)Tualatin cheerleaders
show great group work 
in this spider stunt




Group work is very important when stunting. Please remember that it is a TEAM effort, not everyone can fly, or base, or spot. The coach will decided who he/she feels is best for each position in  each stunt. Take the task  given to you and SOAR with it!


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