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  Twenty-Five Person Formations

twentyfive.jpg (6106 bytes)Here is a triangle (bowling pin) formation for twenty-five people. This is a GREAT formation to dance in. Cheers with level changes also look great in this formation.  The four people in the back row can also move into a stunt group!



twentyfive1.jpg (6168 bytes)Here is another formation that can be used with twenty-five person teams.  This formation is a little bit more on the creative side!  This would be a great formation to use for ripple type dances.   Also, the back members of each formation can form stunting groups!


TWENTYFIVE3.JPG (8620 bytes)This is a simple formation used commonly in cheerleading.  The straight lines are great for sideline cheerleading.   You can also use these type of lines for ripple dances.  Be creative!


TWENTYFIVE4.JPG (9460 bytes)This formation is very creative. It involves three triangles! One facing to crowd and two not.  You can reverse this formation so that two face the crowd.  You can move from the above formation to this one.  Just be sure to make the transition smooth!  Every member should get to his/her spot on time!


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