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Fifteen Person Formations

fifteen.jpg (3203 bytes)Here is a basic three groups of five formation. This is great for going into stunt groups. Be creative with level changes etc here! Also the ideal place to put in some ripples!!


fifteen1.jpg (3918 bytes)Here is a triangle (bowling pin), but done in a different way. If you look closely there can be three stunt groups in the back (four people). There are three diamonds in the back of the triangle. This makes it easy for stunting and cheerleading, or dancing!! Also move from the formation about, by having one person from each group form the front of the triangle. While the other four people make the diamond.


fifteen2.jpg (3107 bytes)Here is a simple formation. About a simple as you can get. However this sort of formation looks great for tumbling passes. Have the front and back row face one direction, and the middle another direction. Also add level changes to this formation to make it look great.


fifteen3.jpg (3990 bytes)Here is another three groups of five formation. This time it being in the shape of a square. Sometimes this formation takes a little more time and practice for the team to get. The right spacing is important for this position to look good. Once again you can go right into stunting form this position.


fifteen4.jpg (3261 bytes)Here is yet another position of three groups of five. As you can see there are so many different formations one can use. The key is to keep the team moving, and be creative with the formations! The girls are ready to start stunting in this group!


fifteen5.jpg (3514 bytes)Here is the basic triangle. This is just about my favorite position. There is SO much you can do with a triangle. Ripples, level changes...the list goes on and on!! When moving from another position, say the one above this, make it clean and easy. Have everyone move to the middle. DO NOT make one girl run all the way to the back or front. Nothing looks more messy than a girl not making it to her spot on time!


fifteen6.jpg (3804 bytes)Here is a diamond formation with fifteen people. As you can see it does not make a perfect diamond. Which gets me to my next point! Formations do NOT have to be perfect! There are easy ways of making a formation into a triangle, even though there is not enough girls to make perfect windows. The judges will hardly, if even notice that there is a person missing in the back of this formation.


Fifteen Person Formations

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